About us

Sour and sweet, hot and cool, full of luxuriant landscapes and sand stretches, the Mediterrenean Area is a land of contrasts, of well balanced contrasting elements

ANIMO MEDITERRANEATTITUDINE is a project that gives birth to a new idea of hospitality and a new welcoming attitude through a new body care line, wellbeing, food and design.

In our products we transmit our soul and passion for the arts and traditions that make a land peculiar.
Our products recall the old popular cosmetic traditions.

We extract the active principles from officinal plants and transform them into high quality cosmetics.
We respect and increase the value of both the environment and nature by using only locally grown products .

All our beauty lines are free from parabens, achilsulphates, peg and chemical colouring agents

Our products are a mixture of innovation and craftsmanship, we increase the value not only of the land products but also of local workers by creating a 0 km route

In our products we use olive oil and our soaps are 100% natural

Those who use our products take part in a project of

Aware ecosustainability
Aware body care
Aware transmission of culture